Green Chair LIVE 2.0: Making a difference with sustainable services

21 min

In this on-demand webinar, originally streamed as part of the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event, Fredrik Fogelklou, VP Parts & Logistics Solutions at Kalmar, demonstrates how services and sustainability go hand in hand when creating sustainable value. He provides real-life examples of life-cycle management, iRecommendations, and refurbishment.

The webinar concludes with a Q&A discussion featuring Fredrik Fogelklou and Mette Kjems Baerentzen, Director of Decarbonisation, Kalmar!

Watch the webinar by completing the form on this page. Explore additional on-demand sessions from the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event to gain more insights into different business strategies, services, and equipment to advance our customers' sustainability goals.


Get to know the speaker:

Fredrik Fogelklou
VP Parts & Logistics Solutions


Coming from the mining and automotive industries, Fredrik joined Kalmar three years ago and has been leading a transformation of Kalmar’s Parts & Logistics business. The Kalmar Parts team helps thousands of customers all over the world keep their machines in optimal running condition with superior reliability, uptime, and customer support as a direct result.



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